Helping people come home after the crisis of addiction and homelessness.


We provide safe, supportive recovery and opportunities for self-sufficiency after crisis to the most vulnerable citizens in the Roanoke Valley.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Bethany Hall Building
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Bethany Hall: This residential substance abuse treatment program provides a second chance for women, pregnant/postpartum women, and child welfare involved women in recovery from drugs and alcohol. We offer a holistic approach to recovery while providing a supportive and healing treatment environment. In operation for the last 45 years, this program is pivotal in the success of women’s recovery as well as the health of their unborn babies. Bethany Hall is licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

Bethany Hall Frequently Asked Questions

Homeless Shelter and Housing Programs

Trust House Building
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ARCH provides the initial stabilization needed for clients to exit the cycle of homelessness. We provide therapeutic case management and referrals to additional appropriate resources in the community. We utilize a low barrier, housing first model of shelter to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Heroes Refuge: This 15-bed shelter dedicated to homeless veterans is located in the Trust House facility. ARCH contracts with the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center for these beds, which serves veterans in 26 counties in southwestern Virginia.

Safe Refuge: This 12-bed shelter dedicated to homeless individuals and families is also located in the Trust House facility. ARCH receives referrals from City of Roanoke’s Homeless Assistance Team and Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare for these beds.

New Beginnings: This housing stability program provides the supportive services that are set in place for clients once they enter into housing to ensure that they remain housed. This includes therapeutic case management provided in the clients’ homes and additional supportive services.

Heroes Haven: This permanent supportive housing program is designated to chronically homeless veterans and is in scattered sites throughout the community. This program provides housing subsidies while surrounding clients with the supportive services of New Beginnings.