Aaron’s journey to Trust House involved long-term substance abuse that caused him multiple overdoses and even attempted suicide. The homeless veteran’s poor heath landed him at the VA Medical Center where he was then referred to Trust House. Here, he was provided with the critical structure, stability, and support to successfully move into permanent housing. Today, Aaron is in recovery, employed full-time at the VA Medical Center, and is happily married with a new baby boy and three other children. Additionally, he helps others in recovery and admits that his faith in God has become especially important to his recovery progress. Aaron attributes his success to the staff at Trust House by saying, “I couldn’t have done it if you didn’t walk the journey with me.” Now, Aaron has become homeowner and is one of our most successful clients.


Stacy’s journey to Bethany Hall involved 17 years of substance abuse and living a difficult life. After a challenging but rewarding experience in residential substance abuse treatment as a pregnant mother, she now has a new beginning. Today, Stacy is a fulltime college student with an A-average. She has also found new independence by living on her own and obtaining a driver’s license. Since receiving treatment Stacy says, “Nothing is the same anymore, it’s all for the better.” Stacy’s hopes for the future is become a lawyer, provide for her children, and teach them that addiction is not the way.



John’s journey to Trust House originated from a severe back injury that systematically caused him to lose everything he had. As a homeless veteran, John was referred to Trust House by the VA Medical Center, which he claims “is the best thing that happened for me.” Upon receiving case management, he was able to achieve stabilization. Today, John has his own apartment and continues to receive housing stability services through ARCH’s New Beginnings program. When asked about his life now compared to it before entering ARCH’s services, he simply says, “I have peace.” He even often stops by Trust House to visit the staff and clients. John’s hopes for the future is to be a better dad by raising his son and putting him through college as well as to sustain his own health.


Holly’s journey to Trust House arose from a crisis that resulted in her losing everything she had, including custody of her children. Receiving services from ARCH provided her with the necessary stability to focus on getting her life back on track. Before coming to Trust House, Holly says she was really broken down and hopeless. When asked about her time at Trust House she said, “I’m just really appreciative and grateful” for the great experience she had there. She added that the staff have really been an inspiration to look up to and given her words of wisdom when she needed it. Today, Holly has found stability through employment and has obtained custody of her children permanently. She says that “Trust House has been my saving grace.” Holly’s hopes for the future entails staying on track financially, going back to school, and the being the best mom she can be.



Barry’s journey to Trust House entails a combination of factors including health issues and substance abuse that prevented him from obtaining employment and led him to living in his car. Once at Trust House, the veteran began to work with staff to become stable and housed. Today, Barry is in recovery and has stable housing through ARCH’s New Beginnings program. Due to the positive experience he’s had receiving services from ARCH, Barry has become a certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist to give back. He says that before coming Trust House he was miserable because his life had no meaning, but now he says “I have a purpose to help people in recovery” and is the happiest today than he’s been in a long time. He added, “I don’t know where I’d be right now” if he hadn’t come to Trust House and is very thankful. Barry’s hope for the future is to get back to work.


Lottie’s journey to Trust House involved her being homeless and living on the streets for nearly a decade. This led her to abuse drugs and alcohol during that time. Once receiving shelter and case management services from ARCH, Lottie and the staff began to work towards her self-sufficiency and stability. When asked about her experience at Trust House she said, “They helped me with a lot and are still helping me with a lot, so it was a great experience being there.” Today Lottie is in stable housing through ARCH’s New Beginnings program and enjoying life with her new puppy. Lottie says that before entering ARCH’s services that she did not have anything to care for. She added, “Now I love myself today as I didn’t yesterday.” Her hopes for the future are to keep progressing and getting better.



Whitney’s journey to Bethany Hall originated from a court order due to a drug possession charge. After working hard in residential substance abuse treatment during her pregnancy, she now has a new start at life. Today, Whitney has been clean for over a year, has a healthy baby boy and is happily married. When asked about the effect Bethany Hall had on her, she said “It changed my life completely.” Since receiving treatment, Whitney has obtained her driver’s license as well as a job after years of unemployment. Whitney’s hopes for the future is to stay clean, work on herself, and help others.


"I couldn’t have done it if you didn’t walk the journey with me."

- Aaron


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